Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's been awhile.

It's been awhile since I last posted.  I have to say I have not been in a good state of mind.  My oldest brother lost his battle with cancer and that was very upsetting.  I hope to get back on track.

I am so happy today. I love all my Cricut machines, baby bug, cake, expression, expression2, imagine, and my explore. I love my gypsy for taking to crops. 2 years ago I took my baby bug to a crop along with my gypsy. With the previous gypsy update my baby bug would not work with my gypsy, it would make one cut then stop and say it was not connected. I am going crafting this afternoon and did not want to take one of the bigger machines, and there is no internet access where I'm going, so I picked about ten carts to take with me. I had done my gypsy update earlier this month and decided to see if it worked with my gypsy. It now does, I'm so so so happy about this. My baby bug is the machine I prefer to travel with, I love the travel case, you can get everything you need into it other than the paper, so it is easy, and has wheels. I do wish they would make this type of travel bag for the other machines.