Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Santa

Hi everyone,
I made another layout from the Ultimate Creative Series.   I've learned a few more things.
First not all the cuts are on this cartridge.  For the Santa, there is no layer for the red suit santa wears, for the phrase the white hat is missing.  Luckly I do own the cart that these cuts come from.
Here are the pictures from the cartridge and from the Ulitmate series cart.

Sorry about the fuziness of the pictures. 
Anyway here is the finished product.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Families are Forever

Just before Christmas I ordered the Ultimate Creative Series Sampler with the DVD's.  I have been watching all the projects, today I decided to try a couple of the scrapbooking layouts.  I went with the page below.  It was suppose to be simple.  I printed the instructions, picked out my paper and started the project.  The instruction said to cut the background for the tree at 5", well the tree came out at about 2.5".  Of course I realized that this is because the original cut comes from Just Because Cards.
to Cut at 5" I needed the real dial size on.  Then of course I need to adjust all the cuts for the tree.
The other problem was that the layer for the tree does have a solid layer.  I had to cut the layer with the holes, 2 times as per the instructions, the only way this would work was to either cut the solid tree again or use the Just Because cartridge and pick the solid layer.  Other adjustments had to be made for the title.  Anyway I'm still happy with the outcome, but it was not quick like I was hoping for.