Sunday, October 17, 2010

cutting cricut cartridge images with SCAL

Hi everyone, this is my first how to video.  First off I have to say that I lost my flip video, so I've done this video with my regular camera.  Not so great but I hope everyone can follow along.  Sometimes I need an image that is not on a cartridge I own, well there is a way to cut that image with SCAL, hope you enjoy.

I have removed the instrustions due to the "uproar" this is causing.  Please however see the last comment I posted.  This is not something I do all of the time, I only use it for a cart that I don't want to spend $119.00 for or for cart that is not available to Canadians.  I want 6 of the Lite Carts, but only 4 carts are available at any of the Walmarts here, and they are not the ones I want.  I want the Martha Stewart ones as well, but guess what, we can't buy those in Canada either.  With this method I am able to have what Provocraft won't provide to us Canadians.