Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grave Marker

Well this is a sad post.  My brother died in March of this year.  His wife hasn't been well and not able to cope with all that needs to be done.  We are finally able to bury my brothers ashes this Saturday.  It was important to another one of my brothers to have a marker for my brother.  I was stunned to hear that the marker we chose will not be installed until next spring.  With that being said I had to come up with something.  I went to Michael's and found two chalkboards, and a piece of Styrofoam.  I traced the chalkboard onto the styrofoam and cut it out with a knife.  I then covered all of the edges of the styrofoam with black vinyl.  Next I cut an angel and the words on my cricut and adhered them to the chalkboard.
I then took clear vinyl and wrapped the two chalkboards in the clear vinyl.  Then I made a sandwich of the chalkboard, the styrofoam and then the chalkboard again.  I tried 3 different adhesives, first Arleen's tacky glue, then a hot glue gun, neither of these worked, so I tried E6000, and that worked very well.  Finally I have cut a cheap garden fence into a H shape to secure the marker into the ground.  Sorry the picture is so dark I took it at night.