Saturday, August 8, 2015

Your story and foil

I have been wanting to try the Heidi Swapp foil for quite some time.  Christine from Creations with Christine did a couple of posts with her new Minc machine.  I would love to have a Minc machine but the budget just doesn't allow it.  I researched and found that I could you something that I already had, something I just had to have but doesn't get much Your Story Machine.  I went on my older computer that has a laserjet printer, I downloaded an image and set it to the printer.  I printed on cardstock.  My first attempt wasn't bad, my second better, results I'm happy with.  I did not use a carry sheet or cover for this I simply ran the foil through the machine directly ontop of my image.  I ran them through the machine 4 times.  I do have to say the toner in my laserjet printer is old, and was not a true deep black.  I bought red and gold foil, Christmas is coming and I figured these would be great colours to work with.