Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recipe Book

I've started a project, I'm making 10 of these recipe books for my family.  I'm making one for each of my boys (who still live at home), I'd like to give them the books when they move out (if ever), I'll have it filled with all of their favorite recipies.  The others I'm making for my family, my hope is that each of my brothers families puts their favorite family recipies in them.  I will start and put our favorite recipies, then pass them to my oldest brother to put their favorite recipies in, he will pass them to my second oldest brother, and so on.
I think it will be a great "keepsake" for everyone.
The pot was from "From my Kitchen" and cut at 5", on the inside pages I used "hide contour" in Design Studio, so that the cuts in the middle of the pot did not cut.
I saw this on someone's blog, can't remember their name, but thanks.